Planning a visit to the Gallo-Roman Museum? Your best bet is to book your ticket in advance. That way you are guaranteed a visit to the museum and we are spared the task of disappointing you at the ticket desk.

Want to spice up your museum visit even more? Head for our ‘Museumcafé’. There you can enjoy delicious meals, sandwiches, a cup of good coffee, refreshing regional beers, and more. It’s the ideal place to chat about your museum visit! No matter whether you are in a group, with children, or solo: ​​all museum goers are welcome in the ‘Museumcafé’!

Logo Museumcafé

Tue–Fri: 9am–5pm

Tue–Fri school holidays (Flanders): 10am–6pm

Sat–Sun/Belgian legal holidays: 10am–6pm

Closed Mondays and on school holidays.

Open on Mondays that coincide with public holidays.