Planning a visit to the Gallo-Roman Museum? Your best bet is to book your ticket in advance. That way you are guaranteed a visit to the museum and we are spared the task of disappointing you at the ticket desk.

From neanderthal to Gallo-Roman


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This tour is well-suited to clubs or associations. A professional guide shows the highlights of the permanent exhibition. Hunters and gatherers, the first farmers, Celts, Ambiorix and the Eburones, Gallo-Romans and Germans… they are all featured. Naturally, special focus is given to the top masterpieces from our collection and there is plenty of opportunity for questions.

Max. 15 per group
Max. 3 groups start simultaneously

60 euros (guide) + admission price

From 1/1/2024: 70 euros (guide) + admission price

90 min. on average

Cash or electronic payment or invoice

Tuesday to Sunday, after opening hours
Extra cost: € 75