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Tumuli – Vorsen en Montenaken (Gingelom)

Dating back to the 2nd century AD, the six Roman burial mounds or tumuli are spread over three sites: Twee Tommen, Drie Tommen and Avernassetom. At the Twee Tommen site you will have the opportunity to discover the Gallo-Roman villa landscape, whereas the focus at Drie Tommen is on the archaeological discoveries excavated there in 1862. At the Avernassetom site you will learn more about Gallo-Roman burial rites and life after death.
These are protected monuments!


Twee Tommen: Twee Tombenweg Drie Tommen: Drie Tombenstraat Avernassetom: Tombeweg 3890 GingelomN.B.: the burial mounds cannot be reached by car. Parking facilities are available in Brouwerijstraat near Vorsen church.Opt to travel by:

  • bicycle and circle between intersections 192, 510 and 511 of the Limburg bicycle route network ;
  • •walking and following the ‘Hidden Treasures – Gallo-Roman hiking trail‘ starting from Vorsen church (4 km) (More info);
  • covered wagon and enjoy an original outing in a group (remember to book).


The burial mounds are open to the public. Information is provided by means of information panels and installations. A group visit with a guide is also an option.


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