Antiquity in Colour

Antiquity in Colour

The ancient Greeks and Romans painted their white marble statues in bright colours. Experience it in a fascinating exhibition. Fun for young and old!

Everyone has a vote

Choose from 100 masterpieces and be guided through the permanent exhibition. Everyone chooses at the Gallo-Roman Museum!

From neanderthal to Gallo-Roman

Choose the guided tour ‘From Neanderthal to Gallo-Roman’ and explore the permanent exhibition at the Gallo-Roman Museum.

Stories from Bob the Digger

Archaeologist Bob the Digger takes your children on a fascinating audio tour. Full of passion and humour, he talks about the distant past.

From Neanderthal to Gallo-Roman

The permanent exhibition tells the story of human life in our region. Enjoy a fascinating journey from prehistoric times to the early Middle Ages.