Antiquity in Colour

Antiquity in Colour

The ancient Greeks and Romans painted their white marble statues in bright colours. Experience it in a fascinating exhibition. Fun for young and old!

Everyone has a vote

Choose from 100 masterpieces and be guided through the permanent exhibition. Everyone chooses at the Gallo-Roman Museum!

From neanderthal to Gallo-Roman

Choose the guided tour ‘From Neanderthal to Gallo-Roman’ and explore the permanent exhibition at the Gallo-Roman Museum.

Stories from Bob the Digger

Archaeologist Bob the Digger takes your children on a fascinating audio tour. Full of passion and humour, he talks about the distant past.

Facial Reconstructions

For the first time in Belgium, specialists reconstructed the face of people who lived in Roman times. You can come and admire these facial reconstructions for free in the entrance hall.

From Neanderthal to Gallo-Roman

The permanent exhibition tells the story of human life in our region. Enjoy a fascinating journey from prehistoric times to the early Middle Ages.