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Artwork by Students from PXL-MAD School of Arts

Artwork by Students from PXL-MAD School of Arts

Six students from the Fine Arts department of the PXL-MAD School of Arts immersed themselves in the theme of the exhibition ‘Antiquity in Colour’. Admire their impressive works at the end of the exhibition.

Antiquity in Colour

The ancient Greeks and Romans painted their white marble statues in bright colours. Experience it in a fascinating exhibition. Fun for young and old!

Roman wall – Tongeren

Explore the remains of the Roman city wall over a length of 2 km around Tongeren. A unique archaeological monument!

Roman temple site – Tongeren

Be amazed by the contemporary visualisation of a Roman temple in Tongeren, which used to dominate the city and the region.

The Roman aqueduct

Explore the remains of a Roman aqueduct on Beukenberg domain near Tongeren. The wooded ridge invites a pleasant walk.

Archaeological landmark – Jesseren

Discover the story of an extraordinary Gallo-Roman site at the archaeological landmark in Jesseren. Definitely worth a visit!

Roman villa landscape

Dwell on the Haspengouw landscape and its Roman history at the landmark Roman Villa Landscape in Borgloon.

Tumuli – Vorsen en Montenaken

Visit the Roman tumuli at Vorsen and Montenaken, and learn more about burial rites and the villa landscape among the Gallo-Romans.

Molhem burial mounds – Peer

In the woods of Molhem you will find five Iron Age burial mounds. Follow the footpath and learn all about the way people lived back then.

De Rieten archaeological park– Wijshagen

Discover Iron Age burial mounds in the archaeological Park de Rieten in Wijshagen. The masterpieces can be found in the Gallo-Roman Museum!