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Artwork by Students from PXL-MAD School of Arts

Six students majoring in Liberal Arts at PXL-MAD School of the Arts immersed themselves in the theme of the temporary exhibition ‘Antiquity in Colour’. Each created a contemporary work of art that draws its inspiration from the multi-coloured ancient sculptures.

The students worked with a wide range of materials, such as wood, plaster, ceramics, and clay, and experimented extensively with colour. Some opted for their own, contemporary interpretation of the reconstructions on display in the exhibition. Others took the transience of the colours on the ancient statues as their approach.

Admire these students’ impressive works at the end of the exhibition.

The six works of art can be admired in two periods.

Sculptures by Matthias Engelen, Francesca Krol, and Lars Lauwers will be on display from February 27 to April 14.

From April 16 to May 26, ceramics by Sofie Brouwers, Veerle De Pauw, and Veronique Van Samang will be exhibited.

Dutch, French, English

Included in the admission price for the exhibition ‘Antiquity in Colour’


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