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Spraakwater - Tungrians and Batavians in Vindolanda, a military fort near Hadrian’s Wall (United Kingdom)

Roman Vindolanda is set in within the rolling uplands of central Britain. Founded in AD85 by a Tungrian cohort under the command of Julius Verecundus, it eventually became the home of both Tungrian and Batavian soldiers who constructed five timber forts and towns at the site  before Hadrian’s Wall was started in AD122.

The remains of those superimposed timber forts are now deeply sealed beneath subsequent Roman levels, protected and preserved within damp anaerobic soils. This wonderful preservation has offered modern archaeologists and historians a detailed and rich view into the lives of Tungrian and Batavian communities. Thousands of boots and shoes, textiles and clothes, every day and personal items, and letters, have been preserved in the dark soils. The stories and histories that have emerged from those artefacts are unparalleled and this has helped to make the Tungrians and Batavians from Vindolanda some of the most interesting and famous people to have lived in Roman Britain.

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dr. Andrew Birley (The Vindolanda Trust)

donderdag 11 maart 2021